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Carmel FC Academy
The Future of Carmel Soccer

Carmel FC Academy is the first step for young players to participate in Select Soccer. Derived from international models, our Academy focuses on individual player development via structured training, practices and healthy competition.  It provides a low pressure supportive family atmosphere that keeps soccer fun for our players.   The program is structured to provide a gradual path from recreational soccer to full travel soccer.

Practice and Training
Players practice a minimum twice a week from 75 minutes to 90 minutes a session during the season.  Practices and teams are led by volunteer US Soccer licensed coaches.  The practice sessions are designed by our Academy Directors with a focus on all basic technical components of play.  As the player progresses through age groups the training becomes more advanced.

Optional Summer and Winter Training outdoors is provided.  The Director of Coaching, Academy Directors and other club coaches will guest coach players from time to time.

Game Day
All age groups will have league play with a minimum 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring.  League play is different for each age group.  Ideally the youngest players at 8U play in a low pressure environment against other Carmel FC Academy teams of the same age.  This provides them a comfortable introduction to competitive soccer and keeps the league games at a Carmel fields.

The older age groups progress to a more traditional travel model.  At 9U teams play a mix of Carmel FC teams and other local clubs.  At 10U teams will be playing other clubs regularly.  

All age groups will play two tournaments in the fall and two in the spring.  This adds an additional 6 games a season per team.  It also acts as an introduction for the younger teams to play other clubs.  The tournaments will all be in central Indiana.

Academy players do not “try out”.  They are evaluated.  When the player goes through an evaluation process coaches are looking for the following:

1. Focus and Interest – Does the player want to play soccer?  Does the player follow instruction?  Is the player a distraction to other players?

2. Basic physical ability – Does the player have good balance?  Can the player run comfortably?  Does the player have hand/foot eye coordination.  

3. Ability to learn – Can the player be coached?  Will the player replicate what is asked of him/her?  

4. Social Ability – Is the player friendly with others?  Is the player physical with others? Will the player be a team player?

5. Commitment – Carmel FC allows players to play other sports but expects players to prioritize soccer in the fall and spring.  Players that choose not to make that commitment may not be placed in the academy or be placed on their appropriate level team.

6. Parent Responsibility – Will the parent make sure the player comes to practice and games prepared?  Will the parents allow the player and team to develop and learn without pressure of false success (like scoring a lot of goals or winning a lot of games)?

Assuming a player can meet the expectations above they will be placed in the academy program.  If they show significant issues in one of these areas during evaluations they may not be placed during the current year.